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Give Good Gift: UNDER $100

This Holiday, our team has rifled through the cyber mess and weeded through the junk to put together a specially edited shop of the BEST gifts for under $100.

We’ve kept things simple and put everything right here on our homepage, just click…shop…score.  We’ll keep this note short, and the product lists long, so go ahead…whip out your wallets and fire up the macbook, you’re in for a treat (without the mess):


Give Thanks.


We’ve taken a break from stuffing ourselves to drop you all a quick note. Thank you so much for all of the support and site-lovin this year. Just last January we decided to try our hand at a little blogging… never did we think it would take off like it has. We’re truly thankful for your support.

Much love,


Before the Food, Family and Football…


So here’s the turkey-day lowdown: We know you’re most likely going to be stuck in an airport, hitting the road or otherwise cramming yourself onto the Amtrak with hundreds of other holiday travelers − and the good fellows at Wingtip Jungle want to make sure you have the busiest travel day of the year on lock down.Just because you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of disheveled dandies, doesn’t mean you have to blend in with the frump. From a comfy and cool look to healthy food choices and a signature scent, you can make sure that you show up to ma’s house looking fresh and ready to tackle the awkward family encounters that are likely to ensue.


The sneaker: There’s nothing wrong with a little old-school style injection to keep you on the go. The Nike ‘Blazer Mid Hi’ Suede Sneaker ($90) is modeled after a classic high-top basketball shoe with an off-white sole and bold leather swoosh.The travel jacket: We know what you’re thinking and, no, you won’t look like a lumberjack in this Kill City Buffalo Plaid Trucker Jacket ($119). The brand is known for taking fashion forward designs and adding a contemporary twist to its punk-inspired line.The duffel: The mantra for the Filson is very simple: “Might as well have the best.” (And we believe your travels should incorporate as such.) The Denim Duffle ($325) from the outdoor brand will hold all your essentials in a stylish and detailed bag.The jogger: Let’s get real; you’re not going to want to be wearing a three-piece suit on your way home and these sweatpants from J.Crew ($70) will keep you relaxed without losing your edge.

The scent:  Please avoid smelling like the cafe car at all costs… we suggest this SANTAL 33 oil ($130) that is the perfect size for your travel bag.

The Face: Probably even more important than packing the right wardrobe, is making sure you have the proper skin-care products. The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser ($10) and Creamy Eye Treatment ($29) with keep your face hydrated and fresh.

The right snacks: You, under no circumstances, have any reason to stop by your local fast-food joint after you discover the munchies we rustled up. Quest Protein bars will give you the energy you need without any gilt (no joke we SWEAR by these…always have at least two in our bag at all times) − and we threw in some Organic Prairie Beef Jerky because, come on, what man doesn’t like his meat?

The Tunes: Sam Smith, hands down. (Seriously, did you see the guy perform at the AMAs this past weekend?!) The cool English singer-songwriter will sooth your wounds and keep you calm during the holiday hustle and bustle.


— John Soper
We’re thankful for…a reason to dress up ...






Photos by George Evan /  INSTA: @GeorgeEvanPhoto, TWEET: @TheGeorgeEvan


We consider turkey day to be the perfect occasion to dress up our favorite pair of denim & flannel shirt…just for Mom & Dad. Go effortless and not overboard, by layering a slim herringbone blazer & matching tie (we love a hookup). To take this look from put-together to polished…make sure your accessory game is on point: we’re talking tie bar, man jewelry, pocket square, a  killer brogue, you get the idea.

Get the shoes here:

Get the Look:

Because we know you’ll be eating a lot thi...

Our lives are full of upgrades. Newest iPhone? Check. First Class? (well, fingers crossed our upgrade clears). And since you’re a man who likes having the best of the best, why are you still using that flimsy drawstring backpack you’ve had since your freshman year of college to lug around your workout threads? The minds at Wingtip Jungle think it’s time that you inject some serious style into your gym bag just in time to sweat off the turkey…and stuffing….and dinner rolls. To help you out, we picked out some of our favorites below:

  1. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward style, this Filson Medium Dry Duffel ($160) is the piece for you. The bag is crafted from rugged vinyl with welded seams for water resistance — so yes, sweat all you want.
  2. We love getting our wardrobe classics from A.P.C., so it was a no-brainer to turn to the brand when choosing pieces. Their Cotton-Canvas Holdall Bag ($220) will stow your sweats and sneakers in a crisp nylon design.
  3. Want a pop of color for your athletic adventures? Go for the J. Fold Montreal Duffle Bag ($145). The red color will have your co-workers and gym pals eyeing more than your bulging biceps.
  4. When the first Jack Spade bag was sold, the retailer was not a fashion company, but rather a hardware store. This was to prove that the product could not only be stylish, but also durable. The brand holds true to it’s mission of making bags that are not overly precious nor boring basics with this Pilot Nylon Duffle ($298).
  5. Herschel Supply Co. has been delivering high-quality bags since 2009 with classic designs and utilitarian features. The Sutton Mid-Volume Duffel ($55) will not only hold up to the rough and rumble of the gym, but last you a lifetime.



— John Soper
Wingtip Loves: Lightning Bolt USA (plus a discou...
Nothing makes us long for the shores of the Pacific like a good dose of Polar Vortex (in November) here in Manhattan. We’re turning to cozy crew necks as layering staples, and couldn’t be more obsessed with the inherently warm West coast vibes of the Lightning Bolt USA ‘Aloha’ crew. 


Whats the story?

A heritage surf brand born on the beaches of Hawaii, Lightning Bolt’s site mentions: “Rumors swirl about the origin of the Lighting Bolt logo. Some say the bolt was a graphic metaphor for a particularly strong strain of marijuana circulating the Hawaiian islands in the late 1960’s” Thats pretty damn sexy.

Company co-founder Gerry Lopez throws in, “it was all about the energy”. We like it…and we also like the rest of the amazing product.

CLICK HERE to Grab yours now, and enter promo code WINGTIP20 at checkout for a killer discount.

Shore thing.


While bustling about London, we stumbled across a new obsession, British timepiece brand ‘Shore Project’. Shore Projects is ‘inspired by the beauty and fun of the British seaside.’ The killer brand was put together a group of mates who realized that none of them kept the time on a watch (#cellphoneproblems). The end result? Simple, timeless, classic timepieces that can be worn everyday.  (not to mention sold at a great price, approximately $160-180 USD)

Okay, we’re intrigued…we must know more:
“All the watches are influenced by vintage designs, combined with strong modern day build quality. Using precision manufacturing processes this allows the watches to withstand the demands of everyday living. They are made with stainless steel cases and have crystal sapphire glass.” 

What’s even cooler about the sleek wrist accouterments?  “The innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, so the look of the watch can change in just a few seconds. The idea is to create as many colours, styles and patterns as possible so that you never get bored wearing the same strap over and over again”
 Behold the quaint yet effortlessly cool “Shore shack” (we made that name up…but we dig it…and wanted to spend all day with the Shore guys)
We opted for a gold number for a little pizazz, sticking with tan calf leather as our starting point and then purchasing an additional 3 straps to change things up. 
For more on this perfectly cool British brand, visit
We’re thankful for….suede.
Photos by George Evan 
 INSTA: @GeorgeEvanPhoto, TWEET: @TheGeorgeEvan





Thanksgiving is about a week away…we know, crazy. Whether staying in the city for a casual Friendsgiving, or sitting in traffic heading home to see the parentals…a suede bomber and a pair of Stan Smiths take a traditionally preppy Holiday look to a much cooler place. Top it off with a hint of Tartan plaid (and don’t forget a good tie bar).


Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks!
If you haven’t noticed, sartorial hemlines have been on the rise for a while — but don’t worry, there’s no need to build an ark just yet. Consider these rising flood lines the perfect opportunity to up your sock game. It’s time to put away the boring boring black, navy and browns and invest in some fresh, new colors and designs.

With such a big call for fashion-forward foot covers, many companies have sprung up specializing in adding a little flair to your phalanges. To help you out, we dug around and found some of our favorite brands to share with you.


Arthur George  Did you really think we could do a story about a sock company and not include someone from the Kardashian Klan? This brand, however, isn’t owned by Kim, Kourtney or Khloé, but rather little brother Rob. After seeing the success of his sisters, the young entrepreneur decided he wanted to go into the footwear business. The line is still going strong and has been featured in publications ranging from InStyle to the Los Angeles Times.


Happy Socks  Started by friends Victor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh, this brand strives to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design with quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Not only do they sell their product on every single continent, but they do so with fun designs and motifs.


Stance  If you’re all about individuality and expression, this is the brand for you. They believe in creating emotional visual connections as well as a sock that provides comfort and performance. Feel like wearing palm trees on your feet for a little R&R? Check. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit artistic and want some splatter paint? They got you covered there too.


Sock It To Me  This is probably the most exciting brand we have found yet. No boring plaids or checkers here. This company is all about having fun on your feet. Whether you feel like having a giant squid overtaking a small ship just above your ankle or want to have a cheeseburger foot for the day, the possibilities are endless. If you’re still not satisfied, the company offers a ‘design-your-own’ contest and the top 30 entries are created and sold. 

— John Soper

The 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Jeans


Whether it’s dark wash or destroyed, skinny or boot-cut, every guy has his favorite pair of jeans. (or if you’re like us…way too many favorites).

As we pretty much live in our days in denim, we’re constantly slammed with questions from readers about jeans, realizing that most people don’t know enough about what they’re slipping into.

To gain a little insight on one of our favorite staples, we hunted down the most interesting, historical and downright weird facts on your boys in blue.


Jeans was originally called ‘Waist Overalls.’ Yes, you read that correctly. Waist overalls.

Wash denim as little as possible. Over-washing your jeans can harm and wear them out faster. Instead of throwing your pair in the wash: inside them out, spray some febreeze and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. The cold will kill all the bacteria and leave you feeling fresh.A New York boutique, Limbo, was the first retailer to wash jeans. You can thank Owner Marty Freedman for the range of hues today’s denim yields. He decided to send a pair out for cleaning to which they returned with a used, worn effect. The rest is history.

Jeans were banned in the 1950s. During this time, you were not allowed to wear you favorite pair of to restaurants, the movies or school. Give us liberty or give us denim!

The first jeans came in only two styles. The only colors available were indigo blue and brown cotton ‘duck.’ With the vast array we have today, it’s hard to imagine only having the choice between two options.

On average, every american owns seven pairs of jeans. We’re just going to assume that we are overachievers since we own well over this number.

Denim was first colored indigo to hide dirt. Maybe there’s a reason we love our dark wash so much — it hides all the grime and smudges we collect throughout the day.

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