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This Week’s Best Dressed: Dan Stevens Shed...


This week we were feeling pretty blue — but we don’t mean the feeling. Of all the dapperly dressed celebrities, all three of our top dogs had incorporated some hue of the color in their ensemble. From red carpet ready to easy-going streetwear, these three guys had their style game on fleek.

On any other man, we would say this outfit is so-so, but in our book, legendary soccer star David Beckham can do no wrong. He mixes-and-matches his tones well and accessorizes with a subtle brown belt and wingtips. (And don’t worry David, we don’t think you look fat at all.)

Taking our number two spot is Eddie Redmayne. The ‘Theory of Everything’ star shows off his English heritage with a slim-fitting tweed suit and bold blue tie with matching pocket square. It is hard not to notice this style star on the rise and we can’t wait to see what he will wear to the upcoming award shows.

The not-so-heavy-weight champion of this week’s best dressed is Dan Stevens. He sheds his ‘Downton Abbey’ dinner jackets and arrived at the House of SpeakEasy Runnin’ Wild Gala in a tailored plaid suit. We love this look because he isn’t afraid to pair his eveningwear with a less-formal chambray shirt.

Do you think Dan took home the trophy with his formal-gone-rogue ensemble? Or do you think someone else deserved the spotlight? Let us know in the comments below.

— John Soper

Wear This Right Now: Nautical Nonsense


Instagram. The final frontier. A vast universe of users and unlimited hashtags — #fashion #syle #blogger #hashtagNoOneWantsToSee500HashtagsAllOverYourPost. However, amongst the rabble and endless string of selfies, eventually you come across an account that makes you rethink what you’re doing with your life — cue @kjp — aka Kiel James Patrick.

When the guys at WTJ saw the accessory brand’s Instagram account, we seriously considered subletting our apartments, quitting our jobs and moving up the coast to Rhode Island where we would have clambakes on the beach every summer and warm ourselves in front of roaring fires in log cabin-looking mansions in the winter. But since we can’t do that, we decided the next best thing to do was to invest in some of their eye-catching armwear.


Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp


Designer Kiel James Patrick started his line of nautical-inspired bracelets with his fiancé, Sarah Vickers, in 2008. Though the brand gives the feel of high-society dandies and preppy days out on the yacht, neither Patrick nor Vickers went to an Ivy League university — in fact, Patrick didn’t even attend college. Though neither one graduated with a business degree from Harvard or Yale, it hasn’t stopped the pair from gaining a country-wide fan base through smart and downright envious social media snaps.

When the brand first launched, it was limited to a single line of dyed rope bracelets, but today, the lineup has branched out into multiple collections including wristwear, button-downs, neckwear and other accessories. Recently, KJP has collaborated with Brooks Brothers to promote their american-made brand in stores and online.

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

The bracelets come in rope, leather, metal and silk mediums and can be worn on their own as a statement piece or join the crowd in your ever-growing arm party. Go for the Cape Horn gold cuff to add a bit of bling or get wrapped up in the Black Pearl from the Lanyard Hitch Collection. And don’t think that KJP only has its eyes set on the guys — the brand also carries accessories catering to women. (We suggest the Audrey Hepburn pearl bracelet if you want to score some major points with your gal.)

Whether you’re a novice sailor or die-hard navy aficionado, Kiel James Patrick has a piece for all hands on deck. (See what we did there?) Check out some of our favorite picks below and then head over to to hook, line and sink one of your own.

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

— John Soper

Wingtip Profile: Trevor Olson


Trevor Olson is your typical midwestern boy: hails from a small town, owns a cheese hat and jets off to Milan for months on end where he appears in editorials and fashion shows seen around the world. Though he has built quite the resume in the past couple years, the 24-year-old Wisconsin native never grew up wanting to be on the runway. In fact, before modeling, Olson attended a technical college where he studied cabinetmaking and millwork. However, following many comments that stated he should have a career in front of the camera, Olson decided to embark on a new beginning.

After signing with a local agency in Madison, Wis., Olson attended a modeling and talent recruiting event where he caught the eye of representatives at Wilhelmina in Los Angeles. Since then, Olson has appeared in ads for European brands like Belmont 1938 and Manuel Ritz as well as posing in GQ Italy, L’uomo Vogue, Gentlemen and — more recently — fronting the cover of Wallpaper Magazine.

Fresh off the Fall 2015 runway, Olson sat down via Skype with WTJ to discuss his start in the industry, favorite moments and plans for the future.



Wingtip Jungle: How did you get started in modeling?

Trevor Olson: It’s never a simple answer to give for this. I had some people ask me if I ever considered modeling and I thought it would be cool, so I searched online for modeling agencies and I found one in Madison, The Rock. I emailed them and set up an open call. From there we set up a test shoot and once they got the pictures, they decided they wanted to sign me. After I signed with them, I went to IMTA and got interest from Wilhelmina in Los Angeles. So I went out there for three months to start.


WTJ: What is it like when you first start out?

TO: In the beginning, when you’re inexperienced, it’s nerve wracking because you don’t know how to act and don’t know what people want or how you’re supposed to act, how your hair’s supposed to be, your body, your skin — everything. It’s mostly the confidence thing you don’t understand because you don’t know what you’re doing.




WTJ: What is a day in the life of a model look like?

TO: I usually wake up and go to a couple castings — especially in Milan, there are castings almost every day. You go with your book, wait in line for a bit, take some pictures and maybe try on clothes to see how they look. Sometimes I will go to my agency and see what they have coming up for the next week and then go to fittings if I’m going to be walking in a show. I like having things structured because if I don’t have anything scheduled, I’ll do nothing.


WTJ: What is it like backstage at a fashion show?

TO: It’s crazy, but a lot of fun. There’s always a lot of backstage photographers yelling at you and asking you to look over there or walk for them. Then you have people making sure you get your hair and makeup done and a bunch of other stuff. It’s really intense. Once you get off the runway, there’s more people that want to take pictures of you but then you have to go get your outfit changed with your personal dresser. So you throw your clothes down and then they’re helping you get dressed. You actually get to know the other models and the people doing your hair and makeup too.


Courtesy of Belmonte 1938

Courtesy of Belmonte 1938


WTJ: What has been your favorite shoot?

TO: I was in Italy for a brand called Belmonte and it was up in the Dolomite mountain range, which is the same as the alps. We were up in the mountains in a cabin and we went around and took pictures with huskies and it was a super cool shoot because it was relaxed and we were out in nature enjoying the scenery.


WTJ: What is the best skin-care tip you have learned while modeling?

TO: You don’t need to use a bunch of creams. I think it’s about getting to know your individual skin, because I have some friends that will do one shoot and then they will break out all over the place, but because my skin is so dry, I don’t usually get acne. I put hand moisturizer on my face — I wouldn’t say that’s my beauty tip because everyone says it’s the worst thing to do. Moisturize and sunscreen — I’m pretty lazy with taking care of my skin.



WTJ: Funniest moment?

TO: One time when I was doing a job, I came in and the photographer looked at me and said, “Thank God you’re here, because these clothes are terrible.” 


WTJ: Do you see yourself relocating to a larger city where modeling is more readily available?

TO: I want to go to New York — but nothing seems to go as planned. I was suppose to go to New York this past month but then came back to Milan for three months. I like living in the big city, but I also like going home and getting away from all the noise and people.


WTJ: What are your future goals and aspirations?

TO: I don’t put a time frame on anything. Right now I’m enjoying this and seeing where it goes. I already stress enough in life so I’m trying not to think about it. I don’t have any goals — I haven’t had goals since 8th grade when they told us we needed to start planning for our future. I guess I just want to be happy with whatever I’m doing in the future.



Courtesy of Manuel Ritz

Courtesy of Manuel Ritz

Courtesy of Manuel Ritz

Courtesy of Manuel Ritz


Courtesy of GQ Italy

Courtesy of GQ Italy



— John Soper

This Week’s Best Dressed: Nick Jonas Doubl...


Whenever we’re looking for some outfit inspiration, sometimes the best place to look is at the celebrities — and why not?! The stars have high-fashion designers and stylist at their fingertips to help them decide what to wear at every event they attend. While combing through this week’s pics, there were three main men who caught our eyes with their ‘exceeds expectations’ ensembles.

In third place we have Mr. Zac Efron. While on the set of his latest film, ‘Dirty Grandpa,’ the actor was spotted in a stripped button-down, blue fleece vest, chinos and chukka boots. We probably won’t be heading out to the green anytime soon, but we would definitely wear this while out-and-about in Soho over the weekend.

Coming in at a close second is Luke Evans at the Valentino Hommes Menswear show during Paris Fashion Week. For the event, the actor chose a maroon two-button Valentino (obviously) suit from the brand’s fall 2015 collection. The slim cut suit fits Evans perfectly and is accessorized with black shoes and tie (which we are guessing is also Valentino).

Though the young singer may have a style advantage this week — his picture is from his most recent feature in GQ — the guys at WTJ are in agreement that Nick Jonas took home the gold in this Giorgio Armani double-breasted suit. The elevated style of his two-piece and casual fashion of the white button-down underneath are the right combination off classic and cool to have you going from the board room to happy-hour.  (Although we’re still trying to figure out the fascination with grabbing his crotch.)

Do you agree with our picks of the week? Were there any other celebrities that you think deserve some credit? Sound off in the comments below!

— John Soper

Because you can still wear buffalo plaid





Photo by George Evan / Instagram: @GeorgeEvanPhoto / Twitter: @TheGeorgeEvan

After the Holidays we thought we might go off the deep end if we saw one more ounce of red plaid. That being said, we’ve had some time off from the good-tidings and realized it’s still cold, and it’s January. We picked up this cropped 1940’s buffalo check jacket and 1960’s repaired fedora for less than $50 each at the Melrose Flea Market in LA and decided to give them some love. When paired back to black basics and a neutral boot, your look is mid-week, errand running gold.




Wear This Right Now: A Suit To Travel In
Photo by Courtesy

Photo by Courtesy

The presentation of the London’s men’s collections is always a favorite time of year for us because we have the opportunity to gain copious amounts of style inspiration from the Brits, and this year, one designer took home the gold for one of the most noteworthy collections we have ever seen.

London-based designer Paul Smith showed his latest collection, A Suit to Travel In, at the Hauser & Wirth gallery on Savile Row. But instead of hosting a formal presentation, Smith hired a troupe of circus performers — including Olympic medal-winning gymnast Max Whitlock — to wear his lineup of suits.

Why, you may ask? Smith wanted to demonstrate the flexibility and and wrinkle-proof technology he put into each piece. (And what better way to show it off than with gravity-defying feats?) Guests circled around as performers balanced on hoops, turned flips and even stacked themselves on each other’s shoulders for an exciting and daring spectacle.

A version of the suit is currently available at the Paul Smith store in London and online. The full collection will be available worldwide in May.

Scroll down to see pictures from Smith’s Instagram, as well as an exclusive video from the presentation.

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

Instagram @paulsmithdesign

What do you think of Paul Smith’s latest collection? Do you think more designers should create pieces with this kind of technology? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

— John Soper

5 Ways to Update Your Style in 2015

New year, new you  at least that’s the mantra that the WTJ team keeps telling themselves as they head to Soul Cycle and the gym five times a week. With February right around the corner, we wanted to make sure that you made 2015: The Year of Style upgrades. In order for you to achieve this feat, we have come up with five solid ways for you to leave your fashion faux pas behind.cd84c149f96df07c7e912807a0ada2ee

Invest in a quality blazer: If you don’t already have one of these in your closet (or 10), go out to the store and get one really good one….we’ll wait. A great piece can elevate any ensemble — whether you’re throwing it over a t-shirt and jeans, or already wearing a spread collar shirt and sweater — a blazer is a surefire way to up your style game with a simple solution.


Play with layers and lengths: If we learned anything from the recent London men’s collections is that the brits layer better than anyone— and we should all take note. Layering will allow you to mix-and-match and discover new outfit you never would have tried. Pair your paisley with a print or go monochromatic and add a neoprene sweatshirt over a cotton button-down. Experiment with long tees and unexpected lengths in shirting.

men's accessories

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: It’s no secret that the WTJ loves a good statement piece, and we think you should too. Whether you’re committing to adding items to your arm party, or jazzing up your feet with a hot pair of socks, let your accessories be the cherry on top of a great outfit.

shoe game


Don’t forget about your feet: Your clothes can’t always be the center of attention — sometimes you have to let the accessories do the talking. Instead of wearing a bright shirt or printed pants, let your shoes start the conversation. Maybe you want to go with an unusual pair of wingtips. Or perhaps you want to jump on the sneaker trend and step into a pair of fresh, white kicks (just make sure you don’t forget to buy the shoe cleaner, too).

coach fall winter


It’s in the bag: Nothing kills an outfit like an out of place bag — it’s just a fact. While your new suit may be on fleek, a bad looking brief or portfolio might be the only thing people notice. Our suggestion? Invest in one expensive leather bag and one everyday canvas bag. Both will last you years and — like fine wine and women — will only get better with age.

Do you think you’ll try our five style upgrades? Are there any fashion tips you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Devilishly Perfect Details







Photo by George Evan / Instagram: @GeorgeEvanPhoto / Twitter: @TheGeorgeEvan


January is always a good month to start fresh with your wardrobe. Cleanse your workwear palette with shades of neutrals and denim while committing to perfecting the details. Keep your tie bars, pocket squares, and slim watches where you can see them and give them good use.





Perfect shearling style








Photo by George Evan / Instagram: @GeorgeEvanPhoto / Twitter: @TheGeorgeEvan


We’re taking our bomber jacket into fresh territory post Holidaze by pairing with cream jeans and neutral staples. (If you haven’ already, be sure to erase those silly rules about white jeans and Labor day out of your memory). Aviator sunnies keep this look Top Gun friendly, but it will be clear you are not heading to a costume party.

Six Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2015


Though the snow may have just started to fall, the guys at WTJ already have spring on the brain. With the Fall 2015 fashion week just around the corner (it’s next month BTW), we combed through the Spring 2015 collections to pick out some of our favorite trends. From athletic-inspired pieces to extra-long shirts, designers brought forth some serious trends that we can’t wait to get behind.


Ath-leisure: Just because you’re going to the gym, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. With some trends leaning towards an athletic aesthetic, many designers showed sporty pieces that ranged from bike shorts and leggings (yes, meggings) to track jacket with matching bottoms. Now you can finally invest in some great pieces that won’t clash with your fancy new gym bag.

Short Suits

Short Suits: When the weather starts to warm up, it can be down right miserable to wear a suit all day long. Thankfully, men now have a new way to prevent themselves from passing out from heat stroke. The short suit is dressy enough to be worn around the office and will keep you cool as you run around to all your meetings.


Mandals: Some of us at WTJ want to point out that we were wearing Tevas and Birkenstocks way before the cool kids started doing it. The sandal explosion that took over the fashion world last year appears to be sticking around for Spring 2015. Whether it’s a classic slide or strappier gladiator version, you can be sure you won’t regret investing in a fresh pair this season.


Joggers: These tapered pants are another trend that took off last year and is still holding strong. The jogger has become a staple in our wardrobes for two reasons: 1. They’re so versatile you can pair them with a blazer or a hoodie and 2. It basically feels like you’re wearing sweatpants all day long (AKA an essential for every flying ensemble).

Geo Prints

Geo Prints: There’s something to say about geometric shapes that help make a great statement piece. This season many designers turned to symmetrical prints in sweaters, pants and even shorts that we couldn’t help but draw our attention to. Pair these bold items with some basic neutrals for a truly head-turning outfit.Extended Shirts

Extended Shirts: If you love layering, we can imagine that you’ll be as excited about this trend as we are. (And no, these shirts weren’t invented so they can hide your butt crack.) The style showed up on many of the runways extending not only basic tees, but button-downs as well — just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t try stealing it so she can wear it as a shirtdress.

Which trend are you most excited for? Did you see any other looks that might be popular this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

— John Soper