We asked. They told. (and told, and told)


Let’s get real, unless you’re a mind reader like Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want,’ you’re likely clueless as to what your girlfriend/sister/mother/BFF wants for the holidays. Join the club. Since we here at WTJ are just about as ill-informed as you, we decided to invest in the help from some of our favorite female bloggers and insta-favs. We asked them to show us what they’re asking their men for this Christmas, just in time for you to step up your gift game.


Lauren R. – Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  
Instagram: @TheStylevore

  1. This teeth whitening combo could quite possibly be the most romantic gift a guy can gift his gal.
  2. What gal doesn’t get parched in the middle of the night? Keep this beautiful carafe and glass set bedside to stay hydrated…or put wine in it, whatever.
  3. Help your gal look festive this holiday season with our fav hair accessories.
  4. We are huge fans of this bag line…”Oversized Lady” is so chic and feminine. A must have for your special (over or under) sized lady.
  5. We love this 3D twist on the charm necklace repin’ peace & love.
  6. Ummmm…”shower wine“? yes, please.
  7. Who wouldn’t want to get a box of marshmallows featuring your fav images? Added bonus…you can always make s’mores if you’re not feeling any of the pics.
  8. If you’re a lady and you MUST scrape the ice off your car windows solo you might as well do it in style.



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