Before the Food, Family and Football…


So here’s the turkey-day lowdown: We know you’re most likely going to be stuck in an airport, hitting the road or otherwise cramming yourself onto the Amtrak with hundreds of other holiday travelers − and the good fellows at Wingtip Jungle want to make sure you have the busiest travel day of the year on lock down.Just because you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of disheveled dandies, doesn’t mean you have to blend in with the frump. From a comfy and cool look to healthy food choices and a signature scent, you can make sure that you show up to ma’s house looking fresh and ready to tackle the awkward family encounters that are likely to ensue.


The sneaker: There’s nothing wrong with a little old-school style injection to keep you on the go. The Nike ‘Blazer Mid Hi’ Suede Sneaker ($90) is modeled after a classic high-top basketball shoe with an off-white sole and bold leather swoosh.The travel jacket: We know what you’re thinking and, no, you won’t look like a lumberjack in this Kill City Buffalo Plaid Trucker Jacket ($119). The brand is known for taking fashion forward designs and adding a contemporary twist to its punk-inspired line.The duffel: The mantra for the Filson is very simple: “Might as well have the best.” (And we believe your travels should incorporate as such.) The Denim Duffle ($325) from the outdoor brand will hold all your essentials in a stylish and detailed bag.The jogger: Let’s get real; you’re not going to want to be wearing a three-piece suit on your way home and these sweatpants from J.Crew ($70) will keep you relaxed without losing your edge.

The scent:  Please avoid smelling like the cafe car at all costs… we suggest this SANTAL 33 oil ($130) that is the perfect size for your travel bag.

The Face: Probably even more important than packing the right wardrobe, is making sure you have the proper skin-care products. The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser ($10) and Creamy Eye Treatment ($29) with keep your face hydrated and fresh.

The right snacks: You, under no circumstances, have any reason to stop by your local fast-food joint after you discover the munchies we rustled up. Quest Protein bars will give you the energy you need without any gilt (no joke we SWEAR by these…always have at least two in our bag at all times) − and we threw in some Organic Prairie Beef Jerky because, come on, what man doesn’t like his meat?

The Tunes: Sam Smith, hands down. (Seriously, did you see the guy perform at the AMAs this past weekend?!) The cool English singer-songwriter will sooth your wounds and keep you calm during the holiday hustle and bustle.


— John Soper
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