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Summer Essentials: A Day at the Beach

beach hero


Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and you know what that means — it’s officially summer! After months of enduring freezing temperatures and down jackets, we finally get to shed some layers and expose a little skin. And if you’re like us, you’re not wasting any time to get away from the city and head to the beach for a little R&R.

Because it’s been awhile since you’ve have the sand between your toes and the sun beating down on your face, we figured you could use a little help packing for the long weekend full of beaches, booze and babes. From a fun printed suit to a sturdy weekender, we tracked down the essentials you will need to keep you looking slick and sunburn free.

Click through the gallery to check out our picks:


— John Soper

How to Pick the Best Sunnies for Your Face


Have you noticed that big yellow sphere in the sky recently that’s been giving off warm and toasty vibes?  That’s apparently the sun — or so we’ve been told. After months of hibernation, the burning ball of gas has decided to peek through the gloomy winter months and finally shine some light on us, inspiring days of lounging poolside and sippin’ on some gin and juice. But before we start dipping our toes into the water, we should consider protecting our style watchers (aka our eyes) with some elaborate eyewear.

Being the fashionable fellas that we are, we know that it is important to not just find a good-looking pair of sunglasses, but to also make sure that you buy the correct frames for your face. For example, if you have a square shaped head, stay away from the boxier designs and stick to curvier and rounder edges.

We browsed around and found some helpful tips on which styles will look best on your mug — and don’t worry, we went a step further and picked a couple pairs out for you as well. Check out the diagrams below to figure out where you land on the face spectrum so you can find the perfect sunnies for summer.

sunglasses for square face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for heart face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for round face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for oval face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

Were these guides helpful on picking out the right sunglasses for your face? Let us know how you did in the comments below!

— John Soper

Ice , Ice Baby: The Platinum Plunge


First of all, NO…I did NOT look to Kim Kardashian or Jared Leto for inspiration for this recent hair plunge. Maybe it was the long winter, the need for sun or just the itch for change, but over the weekend I decided to take a big jump and change things up north of the eyebrows. Yes, I just went platinum blonde and YES, I F*&ing love it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.01.01 PM

Having never colored my hair in my entire life (aside from that one time my head had an unfortunate collision with a drug store die box) It was important for me to choose the perfect colorist for this endeavor. Enter Mark Debolt, colorist to the stars at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.34.05 PM


The color team at Marie Robinson came highly recommended from a dear friend who certainly knows her platinum, the famously iced-platinum Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Joanna Coles (who told me, “what’s the worst that can happen, someone will mistake you for Tilda Swinton??’). Her recommendation per usual, was on point. On Saturday morning I woke up as if it were Christmas morning, ran to starbucks, and headed downtown. The salon was packed…buzzing with perfectly colored New Yorkers; I knew I was in good hands with Mark. A double process and, a toner  and 4 hours later,  voila. Take a peek at my hair adventure right here:

As much as I am obsessed with the color, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. (and I can’t stop reenacting the SNL Californian sketches) Something to help the ease into the look? A simple wardrobe to of luxe solids and basics.

Shop my platinum plunge looks, here:

Wear This Right Now: The WingtipJungle Approved ...


Ladies love them, guys want to wear them and everywhere we look, it seems that someone is sporting a pair of these classically sick slip-ons. As the “purveyors of hand made slippers to be worn day into evening, from jeans to dinner clothes,” Stubbs & Wootton create truly unique pieces that put a little fun in your step.

Whether you’re looking to add a conversation piece to your ensemble for a fancy dinner or just wanting to have fun with your daily look, the brand has a vast collection of slippers ranging from witty slogans to collegiate pride. Though the price is a bit steep (most of the pairs come in at around $500), these shoes are well worth the investment — and we would know because we have almost every-single pair sold by these guys and can not wait to get our hands on Spring arrivals.

Check out some of our favorite pairs below and then let us know if you’re going to invest in some fancy footwear in the comments section!

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton

Shop the shoes:

— John Soper

14 Accessories We’re ‘Hearting’...


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (ummmm, it’s tomorrow) and if you’re still struggling last minute to find the perfect gift to get your special guy, look no further. We did the hard part for you and rounded up 14 of our favorite accessories to get his pulse racing,  heart beating and palms sweating.

#WingtipJungle Obsession: Greats Brand


While traveling to California to style an advertising campaign earlier in the month, we bumped into one of our incredibly stylish and dear friends in the hotel lobby. His taste is always impeccable so naturally while catching up we happened to do a run-down of his threads. It was what was happening south of the ankle that stopped us dead in our tracks. What we feasted our eyes on were the sleekest, slickest, most handsome leather sneaker we’ve seen in a while.

Naturally, “hey…sorry to interrupt but….what are those shoes” came right out of our mouths. Our friend excitedly answered “these? They’re this sick new sneaker company out of Brooklyn called Greats Brand. They’re all made in Italy…and get this – they were around $150 bucks or something”. We were hooked and we had to know more.  Fast forward to this week:

After a few tweets, emails & a snowy Uber ride to Williamsburg, we found ourselves at the Greats Brand ‘Field House’ ( a sort of showroom meets hangout meets pop up shop…open to the public on weekends) chatting with the brands CEO and Founder, Ryan Babenzian.



Launched in 2012, Ryan & his team decided to start building a vertical men’s footwear brand that makes a high quality product and sells it direct to the consumer at a value price. In 2013 Greats was born in Brooklyn and as GQ puts it, has been “shaking up the sneaker to store inventory flow” (most styles are selling out in 90 days of launch).

What’s the big deal?

In a world of classic styles that are ridiculously overpriced, Ryan & Greats Brand are cutting out the middle man and are saving the day with simple styles in the highest quality leather & suedes, like the Royale pictured below which is $159.00 (2 for $299 / 3 for $399) Babenzian credits their ability to keep delivering such high quality products at such a value to Greats selling directly to the consumer on their modern & playful e-commerce site versus wholesale. (a la Warby Parker)

The core line is made up of 4 classic styles, The Royale, Wilson, The Bab & The Wooster. The Royale (pictured below) is our favorite as we love it paired with everything from slim cargos, to suit pants, so great denim. This shoe is available in a beautiful chukka and high-top as well. The Bab is the ridiculously well-priced mesh trainer, consistently flying out of stock with a price tag of $59.00 (in a wide range of solid colors). The classic clip on is called The Wooster and is also available in various colors and fabrications, and the Wilson is your classic American lace-up, perfected in varying shades of suede, & canvas. New to the family is the vintage inspired throwback trainer style, Rosen.


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.06.11 PM


What’s on deck for Greats?

After a wildly successful collaboration with Nick Wooster (the “Wooster” slip on is aptly named after him) Ryan anticipates more carefully curated collaborations, potential apparel expansion, sales on Mr. Porter, a deal with Selfridges in London, and more. Although commerce is the bread and butter here, when asked if we’ll see Greats Brand stores, to our delight Ryan mentions that brick & mortar has always been a part of the plan.



Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.05.55 PM

We couldn’t be happier with our new discovery (shout-out to our friend Miguel for the stylish introduction in that hotel lobby) and we think we’ve found our go-to shoe for 2015. Big thanks to Ryan & Greats Brand for letting us invade the Field House! – Preston Konrad

For more information & to get your own Greats Brand gear, click HERE

Photos by George Evan / Instagram: @GeorgeEvanPhoto / Twitter: @TheGeorgeEvan

E-commerce Images Courtesy of

Spring 2015: embrace the weirdly-chic man sandal

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.36.36 PM

In 2014 we were forcefully taken back to the 90’s in regards the choices we made south of the ankle. Birkenstocks, Classic Stan Smiths, Teva’s…the works. We were giving you a hint of Full House realness and to be honest, we were completely into it (and still are). Aside from sneakers, the breakout stars in Spring 2014 footwear were mens sandals (we’re going to reference these as Mandals FYI), and this year they are back with a vengeance.

The 90’s are still lingering around with the surging popularity of shower-slide styles once made famous by Adidas and now perfected by Raf Simmons, Gucci & Valentino, as well as the familiar styling of the Birkenstock. However, this years go-to mandal combines slim leather straps, modern structural soles, and sleek closures and stitching. When not rocking your joggers and white sneakers this Spring, opt for a slick mandal with a slim pant.  

– Preston Konrad

Browse some of our top picks below 


What do you guys think? Comments below!

Wear This Right Now: Nautical Nonsense


Instagram. The final frontier. A vast universe of users and unlimited hashtags — #fashion #syle #blogger #hashtagNoOneWantsToSee500HashtagsAllOverYourPost. However, amongst the rabble and endless string of selfies, eventually you come across an account that makes you rethink what you’re doing with your life — cue @kjp — aka Kiel James Patrick.

When the guys at WTJ saw the accessory brand’s Instagram account, we seriously considered subletting our apartments, quitting our jobs and moving up the coast to Rhode Island where we would have clambakes on the beach every summer and warm ourselves in front of roaring fires in log cabin-looking mansions in the winter. But since we can’t do that, we decided the next best thing to do was to invest in some of their eye-catching armwear.


Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp


Designer Kiel James Patrick started his line of nautical-inspired bracelets with his fiancé, Sarah Vickers, in 2008. Though the brand gives the feel of high-society dandies and preppy days out on the yacht, neither Patrick nor Vickers went to an Ivy League university — in fact, Patrick didn’t even attend college. Though neither one graduated with a business degree from Harvard or Yale, it hasn’t stopped the pair from gaining a country-wide fan base through smart and downright envious social media snaps.

When the brand first launched, it was limited to a single line of dyed rope bracelets, but today, the lineup has branched out into multiple collections including wristwear, button-downs, neckwear and other accessories. Recently, KJP has collaborated with Brooks Brothers to promote their american-made brand in stores and online.

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

The bracelets come in rope, leather, metal and silk mediums and can be worn on their own as a statement piece or join the crowd in your ever-growing arm party. Go for the Cape Horn gold cuff to add a bit of bling or get wrapped up in the Black Pearl from the Lanyard Hitch Collection. And don’t think that KJP only has its eyes set on the guys — the brand also carries accessories catering to women. (We suggest the Audrey Hepburn pearl bracelet if you want to score some major points with your gal.)

Whether you’re a novice sailor or die-hard navy aficionado, Kiel James Patrick has a piece for all hands on deck. (See what we did there?) Check out some of our favorite picks below and then head over to to hook, line and sink one of your own.

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Instagram @kjp

Instagram @kjp

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

— John Soper

Devilishly Perfect Details







Photo by George Evan / Instagram: @GeorgeEvanPhoto / Twitter: @TheGeorgeEvan


January is always a good month to start fresh with your wardrobe. Cleanse your workwear palette with shades of neutrals and denim while committing to perfecting the details. Keep your tie bars, pocket squares, and slim watches where you can see them and give them good use.





Wingtip Obsession: VIANEL Leather Goods

VIANEL banner

Recently the WTJ team was invited to an exclusive shopping event at the Capsule Market Square. The event held an intoxicating atmosphere with food, booze and plenty of today’s hottest up-and-coming designers.

While passing by the numerous stands, there was one company that caught our eye — well, more so Preston ran towards the products yelling, “OHMYGOSH I NEED EVERYTHING!”

VIANEL is a New York-based company that specializes in luxury leather goods. The company’s design philosophy is simple – Create unique, modern, and functional accessories that reflect the essence of downtown luxury.

VIANEL’s products range from card holders and phone cases to notebooks and winterwear and can be personalized with gold foil stamps. The brand is sold in Barneys across the U.S. and various luxury boutiques internationally.  (And if you have a girlfriend that always has to have what the celebs are wearing, Rihanna has been spotted multiple times wearing their leather baseball cap.)

Check out our favorite products and a special video of Preston’s new personalized phone case.

VIANEL wallets

VIANEL phone cases

VIANEL cardholders

Preston's phone case

Are you into VIANEL’s products as much as we are? Let us know what you’re getting in the comment section below.