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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for this year. While we’ve had quite a crazy 2016 (ghmmm… election anyone?), I’m happy to be able to spend a day filled with love and family and spend my days doing what I love. I specifically want to say how thankful I am to all of you who have been following me along my fashion / lifestyle journey. Each year you continue to inspire me and for that, I am even more gracious. Now go spend the day with your family eating everything your heart desires! xo – Preston


Linen Textured Blazers

Preston Konrad

summer style men blazers

mens loafers style on preston konrad

shirt and tie combinations for summer

preston konrad wearing a summer blazer

We’re back with blazers. But before we jump into the look, it’s worth nothing that we recently stumbled on one of the most comfortable and flattering dress trousers out there. Disclaimer – no one is paying us to say this (not AT ALL) but we have to be honest and say that these Club Monaco Stretch Trousers are literally the only pants we’ve been wearing. They breathe, stretch, and fit perfectly. The texture is super modern and fresh and we love them paired back to old school, classic textured blazers (think linen, herringbone, double breasted, etc). The contrast between the modern trouser and the throwback blazer is the perfect (and most comfortable) combination for Summer dressing. Continue the textural play by opting for a patterned linen blend tie & playful pocket square. Grab a sick loafer and go sockless…oh, and you’re welcome.



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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

site header mom

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away so we figured we would put together a curated & tasteful little gift guide for you guys to get ahead of your shopping! While we know you love spoiling mom, we also know that she doesn’t want you to break the bank so we’ve scoured the sites to round up the best gifts for under $150 (all of them super special and most of them much less than that…woot woot!). Whether she is a coffee gal, fitness fanatic, a home-body or a stylista…we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

You’re Welcome.. The East Dane Sale Event ...

BOOM…It’s back! The East Dane sale just launched and it’s  friends & family event time. 30% off for you guys with the code INTHEFAM …5 days only so GET. IT. Click on the invite below to get things rolling:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.02.43 AM

It’s Time To Think About Tweed






It’s time to grow some balls when it comes to your Fall suiting. This Fall, give your navy & charcoal buddies a break and venture into new territory by trying out tweeds, herringbones, and rich Autumnal shades (if it looks like a color that you’d find on the dinner table at Thanksgiving, we approve it). If you’re feeling especially daring and fall-like, go for a classic 3-piece number like Preston did here. Pair bak to preppy staples like repp ties, classic broadcloth shirting, tassel loafers, and a slim watch. ***UPDATE: This suit is now on KILLER sale, see pics/links below***




Fitness Friday with Barrett Pall
Courtesy of Barrett Pall

Courtesy of Barrett Pall

We’ve been saying it for weeks — we are so excited that summer is finally here. However, we realized that with summer Fridays and babes in short shorts, we overlooked one tiny thing… IT’S BEACH SEASON! Assuming you were as dedicated at the gym as us (Ummmm watching a Jane Fonda workout tape while eating ice cream counts, right?), you probably have nothing to worry about.


But for those of you who feel like they can use a little more tone before you hit the sandy shores, we decided to consult our fitness guru, Barrett Pall. Pall, a personal trainer/model/blogger/Youtuber/world traveler/wearer of tank tops, has dedicated his life to personal fitness (and conveniently, works out at our gym a couple times a week.) So after much pleading, begging and unwanted flattery, he agreed to sit down with us to answer some of our burning questions about how to get in the right shape for summer.


Wingtip Jungle: How do you like to stay active during the summer?


Barrett Pall: I like to stay active by being outside first and foremost. If you can make fitness fun, then it doesn’t feel like fitness. So you can go for a beach jog with your friends or a bike ride at a park, you’re exercising.


WTJ: What advice would you give to someone who has never done much heavy lifting before?


Pall: I would say to watch tutorials online — that’s why people like me who make our videos to show you how to do something and the proper form. Form is key! If you’re doing something with the wrong form, you’re hurting yourself more than you’re helping yourself. If you can afford it, a personal trainer is a great resource that is taught to instruct people on bettering their bodies.


WTJ: What exercise(s) works the most part of your body?


Pall: Modified push-ups — that means adding a mountain climber in between or something like that. Planks are also amazing for your body. It’s definitely a core workout, but when you do a plank you’re using your shoulders, arms, back — your butt is squeezing and your legs are tight. If you can do those things for 10 minutes every morning, you will definitely see a change for sure.

Courtesy of Barrett Pall

Courtesy of Barrett Pall


WTJ: What would you recommend for someone who has limited time to workout?


Pall: Being a New Yorker, this is so important, but you always have to make that time. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes, you need to give time to yourself. So you could spend some time in the morning before you shower to do some situps and pushups. You will feel so much more energized and when you start your day with that boost, you will be more happier and focused throughout the day.


WTJ: Let’s talk abs. How do we get them out of winter hibernation?


Pall: First of all, I think winter hibernation is B.S. — but if you’re coming out of that place, which I know a lot of people are, you should really focus on what you’re eating because it’s very easy to switch that up. Also be gentle with yourself. Too many people go from zero to hero and they burn themselves out in a week. Create a schedule that works — three days on, one day off — your body needs to recover.


WTJ: Guys always say they want that ” v” shape — what’s the best way to get that?


Pall: That’s always an enviable body part because you can have it even without the full six-pack. The muscle deals with a lot of cross-over moves. It incorporates standing exercises and ab routines that have you in many different positions.


Courtesy of Barrett Pall

Courtesy of Barrett Pall


WTJ: What are some of your favorite “super foods?”


Pall: Anything that is bright in color is better to be eating than something that is dull — for example bread is bland, beige and not the best thing for you. Blueberries, sweet potatoes are great — believe it or not, cottage cheese is a great source of protein. And I know it sounds basic, but chicken. You can cook it so many different ways and it really is a great source of protein that is lean.


WTJ: What foods should you avoid at all costs?


Pall: I never say “avoid anything at all costs” because if there’s something that you love, you’re going to crave it and at some point you’re going to give in. The key is moderation — to give yourself just a little bit of it, so you’re not thinking about it forever. So don’t buy a full cake, just get a slice and eat that. But remember, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit, so if you can avoid eating and drinking things that are bad for you, it will be much easier.


WTJ: What about drinks?


Pall: Soda! Soda is terrible for you — especially diet. If you’re going to drink it at all, have a regular.


WTJ: Are cheat meals REALLY allowed?


Pall: Again, I have a problem with the word “cheat” because it’s all about your mindset. You need to give yourself moderation. If you want something, have it in a moment but don’t binge an entire day.


Instagram @barrettpall

Instagram @barrettpall


WTJ: What’s your take on protein powders and supplements?


Pall: 15 minutes after a workout, you’re suppose to have a replenishment of some sort. People use to eat gummy bears because if you look they’re a good source of that simple sugar, but not that terrible for you. But a protein shake is good because then you’re giving your muscles something to “eat” to help them rebuild.

Pre-workout supplements can be good too. I personally like it because it gives you an extra boost, but it’s something you have to moderate. The FDA doesn’t regulate them and they’re actually banned in some countries. So if you use one, have one month on and then a couple weeks off.


WTJ: Anything else you think people should know?


Pall: Stretching! People seem to forget about it and think it’s unimportant. However, you need to stretch 10 minutes before and 10 after a workout because you will protect yourself from injury and get yourself loose and warmed up. Without it, you expose yourself to pulling something or injuring yourself.


Instagram @barrettpall

Instagram @barrettpall


Check back next Friday for a special video from Barrett and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and YouTube.

–John Soper

Wear This Right Now: The Short Suit
Nick Wooster street style

Courtesy of GQ

No — this is not a “How to Dress Like Nick Wooster” style guide, but we will contend that the man can wear the H-E-double hockey sticks out of this trend. As temperatures start to slowly rise (and we mean slowly…glacial even) we have turned our attention to transition our closets to reflect the warmer days ahead. One of the styles we can’t wait to try for spring 2015 is the short suit.

Seen on many of the Spring 2015 runways, this trend has been on the rise for a couple years, but is now in full bloom — and retailers are paying attention. Many of the usual mass-retail contenders — J.Crew, Zara, Asos, etc. — are now offering a wide selection of blazers and coordinating bottoms to feed the appetite of any fashion-forward fella.

Don’t feed like sporting a monochromatic look? Jazz it up! Mix and match a navy jacket with some khaki bottoms or go as bold as Mr. Wooster above and bring a pop of color to some basic Bermudas.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement in the boardroom or beat the heat in style (or both), the short suit will have you looking professional while keeping the dreaded sweat stains at bay.

J.Crew short suit

Courtesy of J.Crew


Zara Short Suit

Courtesy of Zara

Asos short suit

Courtesy of Asos


Do you think you’ll be sporting a short suit this spring? Or will you risk arriving at the office looking like you just ran the Boston Marathon? Sound off in the comments below!

— John Soper 

Did You Catch Preston on TODAY?


Transitioning into your Spring wardrobe is from frigid temps is brutal. Deciding what to wear before the temps actually warm up? Even more brutal. Preston recently was recently featured on The Today Show, where he dished on how to pull-off three of the biggest Spring trends and how to wear them right now. Check out the gallery & video, after the jump:

 Wacth the full segment here: Preston’s Top 3 Spring Trends

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.19.30 PM


Above: Preston grabbing a pic with Al Roker, Natalie Morales & style blogger, Carmen Ordonez

GQ Insider of the Month: February 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.50.15 AMPreston was lucky enough to be selected by GQ magazine as Insider of the month for February and over here at Wingtip Jungle,  we could’t be one bit more pumped! A BIG thanks to GQ and the GQInsider team for the love! Check out the full article, after the jump:

GQ: Tell us about your experience as a GQ Insider.
PK: Being a GQ Insider has been amazing! I’m constantly being invited to killer events in town, I’m able to network with people I really respect in the industry as well as work with great brands via social and my blog. I’ve been reading GQ since I was able to read pretty much…so being a part of this special group has been awesome.

GQ: How does GQ inspire your style?
PK: Being from the East coast, I consider myself to be a pretty classic guy (never can have enough fresh oxford shirts). That being said, I really appreciate the finger GQ keeps on the pulse of the American man and his style evolution. It’s rare to be able to put such trust in a publication when it comes to such personal decisions in style and grooming, which I do…in all things from hair styles, to belts, to music.

GQ: How does GQ influence your blog? 
PK: I really look to GQ as my thermometer for my blog…what’s trending, what’s happening with street style, etc. GQ is always so incredibly on the pulse of menswear and emerging big ideas—more so than other books—so I tend to always keep the current issue in my tote to reference, scribble notes on, pull swipe from etc. I mean, its GQ.

GQ: What have you been up to lately?
PK: Things have been incredibly busy, for which I’m very grateful! My new style/makeover show “Style By Jury” airs on TLC on February 20th at 930pm…couldn’t be more excited about it. We shot 6 episodes in LA in the Fall and now we’re just a month away from the premiere! My blog WingtipJungle has also just relaunched as which has been a labor of love. Readers are now able to shop my picks monthly, catch up video content, and see what I’m up to…I’m pretty damn proud of it.

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