How to Pick the Best Sunnies for Your Face


Have you noticed that big yellow sphere in the sky recently that’s been giving off warm and toasty vibes?  That’s apparently the sun — or so we’ve been told. After months of hibernation, the burning ball of gas has decided to peek through the gloomy winter months and finally shine some light on us, inspiring days of lounging poolside and sippin’ on some gin and juice. But before we start dipping our toes into the water, we should consider protecting our style watchers (aka our eyes) with some elaborate eyewear.

Being the fashionable fellas that we are, we know that it is important to not just find a good-looking pair of sunglasses, but to also make sure that you buy the correct frames for your face. For example, if you have a square shaped head, stay away from the boxier designs and stick to curvier and rounder edges.

We browsed around and found some helpful tips on which styles will look best on your mug — and don’t worry, we went a step further and picked a couple pairs out for you as well. Check out the diagrams below to figure out where you land on the face spectrum so you can find the perfect sunnies for summer.

sunglasses for square face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for heart face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for round face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

sunglasses for oval face

Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

Were these guides helpful on picking out the right sunglasses for your face? Let us know how you did in the comments below!

— John Soper

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