Love It or Leave It: Jumpsuits


From Left: Ami, Belstaff, Daks, Louis Vuitton

From Left: Ami, Belstaff, Daks, Louis Vuitton

We can not guarantee that you will jump right into this trend (yeah, we went there), but after seeing these pieces pop up over and over on the Spring 2015 runways, we decided that it was time to address the style at hand.

Before you dismiss the trend all together, there are a couple factors we think you should consider:

1. You will NOT look like your girlfriend: Though the ladies have been rocking these one-piece creations for a couple years, the styles are very different. The men’s jumpsuits have a more masculine feel with tailored fits and military-inspired detailing.

2. Most of the styling is done for you: It’s always nice to be able to throw something on and give the impression that you spent hours thinking about what you were going to wear. With these pieces you can throw on as is or choose to style it with a jacket or blazer. 

3. Comfort: Do you remember when you were younger and you loved walking around in your footie pajamas all day? (Or maybe you’re like us and sill have some.) Regardless, a Jumpsuit can be like wearing your onesie around all day — while looking like Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Do you think you’ll try out the jumpsuit trend? Or will you be leaving your onesies at home? Vote below and let us know what you think in the comments section?

— John Soper

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