This Week’s Best Dressed: Justin Baldoni and His Spring Ensemble

best dressed justin baldino

All three of our dapper dudes this week have one think in common: They’re all Prince Charming — well, to some degree. Whether he’s the knight in shining armor to a young girl with cancer, an old teenage crush or an actual monarch pursuing a young girl who thinks glass is acceptable footwear, these gentlemen prove that they have what it takes to royally own the red carpet. But who will take home the crown? Keep reading to find out.

When someone says denim-on-denim, we can’t help but think back to that frightening AMA’s appearance when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears hit the red carpet in 2001 (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, click here). However, looking at Ansel Elgort in this custom Prada creation at the ‘Insurgent’ premiere in New York, we have decided that the young star has rectified our fear of seeing denim in front of the step and repeat. Elgort sticks to the blue hues for a look that that is subdued, yet sharp.

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of style Prince Charming would have in real life, you dream can finally come true with our number two celebrity Richard Madden. With all the primping and precision of royalty, the ‘Cinderella’ star selects a blue suit that is well tailored to his body, but adds a bit of boyish rebellion by skipping the tie and leaving his shirt unbuttoned.

Since yesterday was the first day of spring (although it certainly didn’t feel like it), we were excited to see that the layering on the red carpet had moved from heavy winters to warm-weather fabrics via Justin Baldon. Instead of opting for the standard suit and tie, Baldoni selects a neutral pant and vest paired with a gingham button-down — an easy way to keep cool and still look sharp.

Do you think Justin deserved the crown or is it off with his head? Sound off in the comments below!

— John Soper