Grooming Update: May 2016


We’ll admit it, we have a bit of a problem when it comes to grooming products. We can’t get enough (let’s say it comes with the territory).Call us hoarders, it’s cool. Each month we try to update the drawer and try out products that we’ve never used before which leads us to our latest haul of grooming goodies. Our picks for may range from a killer fake tan to a miracle volumizing spray for your combover. Checkout the latest must-haves, after the jump:


1: LAYRITE GROOMING SPRAY: Use it for a dry style that wonʼt leave your hair feeling overly stiff or crispy. Layrite Grooming Spray is a light grooming spray, used in the barber shops to create a bit volume and prep the hair during the drying process for a good dose of our famous pomade. Take one home and use it – youʼll look and feel better.

2. 24K SALLY HERSHBERGER TEXTURIZING PASTE: This velvety paste is perfect for a laid-back weekend look or for something a bit more casual. Don’t expect a slick, shiny do with this product…this is for a relaxed, off-duty style. It doesn’t offer much hold but the finish is killer. We absolutely love the smell and texture.

3. MITCH CONSTRUCTION PASTE: Flexible, webby texture forms and separates—great for messy, undone styles. Long-lasting styling fixatives secure the style, while conditioning ingredients leave hair soft and manageable. Crunch-free finish with no flaking.

4.BONDI SANDS SELF-TANNING FOAM: This shit is amazing. Straight from down under, this is one of the best products we’ve tried. It is applied with a mitt (we suggest the mitt, don’t use your hands) and glides on smoothly and evenly. The smell is awesome (a bit like coconut, vanilla and a hint of chocolate even?) and it dries in seconds. As with all self-tanners, be sure to read the full instructions to avoid a self-tanning disaster.

5. MITCH DOUBLE HITTER SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: This guy lathers like a champ. An awesome daily shampoo with a built-in conditioner, this has quickly become one of our favorite shampoos. The smell is fresh and not overly scented and the packaging is cool and easy. We seriously can’t rave enough about the lather, though. It’s genius.

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