Wear This Right Now: Mackintosh Jackets

Courtesy of GQ Japan

Courtesy of GQ Japan

You know how the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. And as we’re fast approaching the former of the months, we believe that it’s time we trade in our down jackets for something a bit more light-weight.

With wetter weather imminent in the near future, we  look to a style of raincoat that has been the talk of the town recently: the mackintosh. The sleek, simple water-proof design has been around for many years (since 1824 to be exact), but retailers and designers alike have recently released a plethora of statement-making jackets that are bold, yet classic.

Whether you fancy rocking a bright blue or would rather opt for a subdued plaid, our favorite brands offer a range to please any wardrobe. Check out some of our favorites below and then let us know in the comments section if we missed any good ones!

mackintosh coats

1. SB4 Cotton Raincoat — Private White V.C.

2. Laggan Cotton-Twill Rain Coat — Mackintosh

3. Mackintosh Dunkeled Short Coat — J.Crew

4. Cotton Poplin Trench Coat — Burberry

5. Prince of Wales Checked Linen and Cotton-Blend Raincoat — A.P.C.

— John Soper

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