Movember, Mo Beard Maintenance 

As we dive further into the cold autumn season, we encounter another month-long celebration of cancer awareness – Movember.  Starting in Australia in 2003, this initiative is meant to grow consciousness (and hair) of men’s health.

Although we can’t wait to put the razor down for a whole month, we have decided that we can’t let our lip foliage run rampant. So with manes that are bound to be wiry and difficult, we mustache ourselves one question (yeah, we went there): What products will help keep your crumb catchers looking, smelling and feeling great?

To answer this question, we rounded up some of the best brands we could find to keep your partner – and the general public – happy. Top picks, after the jump:

1) Beard oils are essential to every man with fuzzy features. Exposure to daily elements can strip away a beard’s bristles of the protective cuticle. This serum from Brooklyn Grooming ($29) not only gives your whiskers everyday protection, it also moisturizes the skin underneath.

2) Balms work the same way a pomade would for the strands on the top of your head. The Backwoods Beard Balm ($23) will hold that mustache in place (please, no curly handlebars) and instantly make your hair appear thicker.

3) We probably don’t recommend washing your new-found facial hair with a regular shampoo, but luckily for you this Billy Jealousy Beard Wash ($22) will do just the trick. The plant-based ingredients will keep your bristles feeling cleansed and refreshed all day long.

4) Zeus isn’t just the ruler of the Olympian gods, it is also the brand behind the perfect Pear Wood Boar Bristle Brush ($20) to help work out those stubborn tangles and flyways.

5) “Cologne? For your beard?! Now that’s just crazy.” Trust us, it’s a real thing and you’ll love it. Instead of smelling like today’s lunch menu, you’ll be filled with a woodsy, citrus scent with Jao Brand’s BeardScent ($28).

— John Soper
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