This Week’s Best Dressed: Nick Jonas Motos in Style

best-dressed-nick-jonas-moto-jacketIf you know the fellas at Wingtip Jungle at all, you will know that we love a good statement piece — whether that be jewelry, a sweatshirt or, yes, even a dramatic mane change. This week, it seems that some of our leading gentlemen finally heard our plea and decided to up their style game with some unique jackets. From bomber to blazer and a two-tone moto, these guys know how to select pieces that give them a head start in the race for first.

While we await the dramatic return of ‘Game of Thrones’ this weekend, we couldn’t help but notice that the shows leading man, Kit Harington, sports a bold bomber as he leaves JFK Airport. As with most statement pieces, he keeps the rest of his outfit simple with black faded jeans and brown shoes so as not to detract away from the main attraction. Emphasis is key.

It’s always refreshing when the fellas on the red carpet take a fashion risk and pull away from traditional black and navy suits. So it’s no surprise that upon seeing Andrew Rannells’ tartan blazer, we instantly applaud his success. He sticks to a traditional (yet always current) preppy look with a button-down layered under a sweater and slacks but adds the jacket for a modern twist.

Though the other two fashionable fellas put up a good fight in their eye-catching pieces, we have to acknowledge our favorite statement jacket of the week — Nick Jonas’ two-toned moto. Not only does he accent the jacket with a monochromatic outfit, but we love the mixed-media material and can’t wait to get our hands on one as well. (Mr. Jonas better tighten the security around his closet.)

Do you think Nick’s moto was the best statement maker of the week? Or do you think another celebrity was peacocking better? Sound off in the comments below!

— John Soper

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