Facial hair on fleek

RAZORImage courtesy of Remington

We have to admit, as much as we love maintaining our 5 o’clock shadow, we love a fresh & close cut shave every now and then (especially to for summer…beard tan lines = no bueno) and even when sporting a solid scruffy look, its all about keeping the neck perfectly clean via razor cuts. Well, we’ve gotten our hands on a new toy and we can’t quite put it down. Meet the Remington XF8700, the latest in foil shaving gear that delivers the closest one-pass shave (no, really…it does)

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.04.24 PM(fancy over the sink shot for our fancy new toy)

What do we love so much about this guy? There’s no sacrificing comfort for closeness with the XF8700…aka it works with gel, foam, in the shower, out of the shower or as a traditional dry razor. Aside from the close shave, insane versatility and supercharged power, say goodbye to wondering when the hell your razor is going to run out of juice while at the gym or on the road. A digital display at the bottom of this little baby tells you exactly what percentage of charge you have left (its kind of genius).  Click here for more info on Remington razors or below to grab your own…trust us, you won’t regret it.

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