Shore thing.


While bustling about London, we stumbled across a new obsession, British timepiece brand ‘Shore Project’. Shore Projects is ‘inspired by the beauty and fun of the British seaside.’ The killer brand was put together a group of mates who realized that none of them kept the time on a watch (#cellphoneproblems). The end result? Simple, timeless, classic timepieces that can be worn everyday.  (not to mention sold at a great price, approximately $160-180 USD)

Okay, we’re intrigued…we must know more:
“All the watches are influenced by vintage designs, combined with strong modern day build quality. Using precision manufacturing processes this allows the watches to withstand the demands of everyday living. They are made with stainless steel cases and have crystal sapphire glass.” 

What’s even cooler about the sleek wrist accouterments?  “The innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, so the look of the watch can change in just a few seconds. The idea is to create as many colours, styles and patterns as possible so that you never get bored wearing the same strap over and over again”
 Behold the quaint yet effortlessly cool “Shore shack” (we made that name up…but we dig it…and wanted to spend all day with the Shore guys)
We opted for a gold number for a little pizazz, sticking with tan calf leather as our starting point and then purchasing an additional 3 straps to change things up. 
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