Wear This Right Now: The Short Suit

Nick Wooster street style

Courtesy of GQ

No — this is not a “How to Dress Like Nick Wooster” style guide, but we will contend that the man can wear the H-E-double hockey sticks out of this trend. As temperatures start to slowly rise (and we mean slowly…glacial even) we have turned our attention to transition our closets to reflect the warmer days ahead. One of the styles we can’t wait to try for spring 2015 is the short suit.

Seen on many of the Spring 2015 runways, this trend has been on the rise for a couple years, but is now in full bloom — and retailers are paying attention. Many of the usual mass-retail contenders — J.Crew, Zara, Asos, etc. — are now offering a wide selection of blazers and coordinating bottoms to feed the appetite of any fashion-forward fella.

Don’t feed like sporting a monochromatic look? Jazz it up! Mix and match a navy jacket with some khaki bottoms or go as bold as Mr. Wooster above and bring a pop of color to some basic Bermudas.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement in the boardroom or beat the heat in style (or both), the short suit will have you looking professional while keeping the dreaded sweat stains at bay.

J.Crew short suit

Courtesy of J.Crew


Zara Short Suit

Courtesy of Zara

Asos short suit

Courtesy of Asos


Do you think you’ll be sporting a short suit this spring? Or will you risk arriving at the office looking like you just ran the Boston Marathon? Sound off in the comments below!

— John Soper 

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