Skincare: My Current Routine

A LOT of you (and I mean a lot!) have been writing me on Instagram with questions about my skincare routine. I try to share products on stories as I discover them but I’ve decided it’s time to put everything in one place for you guys. Consider this your one stop shop for all things skincare…from morning, to evening, to self-tanning & moisturizing. While I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting mens skincare products, these are the items I’m using right now to keep things moisturized, wrinkle-free, and smooth.


STEP 1: WASH THAT FACE: Washing your face is as important as what products to use to moisturize and tone it. I save the heavy duty washing for the evenings and use a gentle and simple cleanser in the mornings. This gel from Mario Badescu is not only insanely affordable but super gentle for the morning to prep your skin for the next steps.

STEP #2: SERUM, SERUM, SERUM: One of the most overlooked steps in the mens skincare routine is using a serum. Using a serum under your moisturizer will not only lock in moisture but will prep your face for the brutal cold and or city toxins you’re about to head into. After washing your face, a few drop of this Kiehl’s Powerful Line Reducing Concentrate will give your skin a fresh, youthful glow while working on diminishing those fine lines & wrinkles.

STEP #3: MOISTURIZE & BLOCK THE SUN: A few pumps of this bad boy will keep your moisturized for the day without any greasiness or shine. What’s amazing about this product from Dermologica is that it contains one of the highest SPFs you can find (SPF 50!) without any nasty sunscreen smell or texture. This is super light and soaks right into your skin, I love the packaging for the gym, travel, etc.


STEP #1: WASH OFF THE DAY: I am obsessed with this cleanser. The foaming action is powerful and effective without being overly stripping or harsh. The scent is subtle and pleasant and really does the job prepping my skin for the rest of my evening routine. Make sure your evening cleanser is powerful on removing dirt and clearing pores yet gentle on skin (this does all of those things).

STEP #2: SERUM, SERUM, SERUM: This shit is magic in a bottle. A few drops of this pressed into freshly cleansed skin will make you look like you’ve slept for 20 hours, enough said. I also love using a few drop of this when flying to prevent my skin from looking tired & dehydrated.

STEP #3: MOISTURIZE: This moisturizer from Kiehl’s has really done wonders for my skin, especially in these cooler months. Not only does it do some heavy lifting overnight by locking in moisture but it’s specially formulated to work on preventing deep lines and wrinkles in mens skin types.

STEP #3: EYE TIME: Eye cream is often a forgotten step in mens evening skincare. I use my ring finger to apply a thin layer of this under and around my eyes at night to prevent deepening crows feet lines as well as puffy dark circles. I really love this product.


TANNING MY FACE: If you follow me on instagram, you know I like to maintain a healthy glow. These drops from Tan Luxe allow me to customize a subtle self tan and prevent any orange streaks or blotches and are freaking genius. Add as many drops as you like (usually around 3-5 based on how dark you want to get) to your daily moisturizer to develop a healthy, real-looking tan.

TANNING MY BODY: These drops work the same way as the face drops. Put as many drops as you like (usually 4-6) into your daily body moisturizer to develop an amazing, real-looking self tan. I’m deep into this product right now.


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