Spring 2015: embrace the weirdly-chic man sandal

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In 2014 we were forcefully taken back to the 90’s in regards the choices we made south of the ankle. Birkenstocks, Classic Stan Smiths, Teva’s…the works. We were giving you a hint of Full House realness and to be honest, we were completely into it (and still are). Aside from sneakers, the breakout stars in Spring 2014 footwear were mens sandals (we’re going to reference these as Mandals FYI), and this year they are back with a vengeance.

The 90’s are still lingering around with the surging popularity of shower-slide styles once made famous by Adidas and now perfected by Raf Simmons, Gucci & Valentino, as well as the familiar styling of the Birkenstock. However, this years go-to mandal combines slim leather straps, modern structural soles, and sleek closures and stitching. When not rocking your joggers and white sneakers this Spring, opt for a slick mandal with a slim pant.  

– Preston Konrad

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