Six Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2015


Though the snow may have just started to fall, the guys at WTJ already have spring on the brain. With the Fall 2015 fashion week just around the corner (it’s next month BTW), we combed through the Spring 2015 collections to pick out some of our favorite trends. From athletic-inspired pieces to extra-long shirts, designers brought forth some serious trends that we can’t wait to get behind.


Ath-leisure: Just because you’re going to the gym, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. With some trends leaning towards an athletic aesthetic, many designers showed sporty pieces that ranged from bike shorts and leggings (yes, meggings) to track jacket with matching bottoms. Now you can finally invest in some great pieces that won’t clash with your fancy new gym bag.

Short Suits

Short Suits: When the weather starts to warm up, it can be down right miserable to wear a suit all day long. Thankfully, men now have a new way to prevent themselves from passing out from heat stroke. The short suit is dressy enough to be worn around the office and will keep you cool as you run around to all your meetings.


Mandals: Some of us at WTJ want to point out that we were wearing Tevas and Birkenstocks way before the cool kids started doing it. The sandal explosion that took over the fashion world last year appears to be sticking around for Spring 2015. Whether it’s a classic slide or strappier gladiator version, you can be sure you won’t regret investing in a fresh pair this season.


Joggers: These tapered pants are another trend that took off last year and is still holding strong. The jogger has become a staple in our wardrobes for two reasons: 1. They’re so versatile you can pair them with a blazer or a hoodie and 2. It basically feels like you’re wearing sweatpants all day long (AKA an essential for every flying ensemble).

Geo Prints

Geo Prints: There’s something to say about geometric shapes that help make a great statement piece. This season many designers turned to symmetrical prints in sweaters, pants and even shorts that we couldn’t help but draw our attention to. Pair these bold items with some basic neutrals for a truly head-turning outfit.Extended Shirts

Extended Shirts: If you love layering, we can imagine that you’ll be as excited about this trend as we are. (And no, these shirts weren’t invented so they can hide your butt crack.) The style showed up on many of the runways extending not only basic tees, but button-downs as well — just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t try stealing it so she can wear it as a shirtdress.

Which trend are you most excited for? Did you see any other looks that might be popular this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

— John Soper