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Ice , Ice Baby: The Platinum Plunge


First of all, NO…I did NOT look to Kim Kardashian or Jared Leto for inspiration for this recent hair plunge. Maybe it was the long winter, the need for sun or just the itch for change, but over the weekend I decided to take a big jump and change things up north of the eyebrows. Yes, I just went platinum blonde and YES, I F*&ing love it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.01.01 PM

Having never colored my hair in my entire life (aside from that one time my head had an unfortunate collision with a drug store die box) It was important for me to choose the perfect colorist for this endeavor. Enter Mark Debolt, colorist to the stars at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.34.05 PM


The color team at Marie Robinson came highly recommended from a dear friend who certainly knows her platinum, the famously iced-platinum Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Joanna Coles (who told me, “what’s the worst that can happen, someone will mistake you for Tilda Swinton??’). Her recommendation per usual, was on point. On Saturday morning I woke up as if it were Christmas morning, ran to starbucks, and headed downtown. The salon was packed…buzzing with perfectly colored New Yorkers; I knew I was in good hands with Mark. A double process and, a toner  and 4 hours later,  voila. Take a peek at my hair adventure right here:

As much as I am obsessed with the color, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. (and I can’t stop reenacting the SNL Californian sketches) Something to help the ease into the look? A simple wardrobe to of luxe solids and basics.

Shop my platinum plunge looks, here:

This Week’s Best Dressed: Jared Leto Wears...

best-dressed-jared-leto-lanvinFrom casual to couture, LAX to Milan, sneaker to snow boots, we scoured the web to find out which celebrities were killing it this week with their style game. Some were traveling in fashion while others sat front row at a fashion show. Keep reading to find out how these three dapper dudes made it to the top.

You know how we always describe the perfect travel outfit: comfortable, stylish and seemingly put together without looking like you even tried? Well if you’ve ever had a hard time visualizing that concept, take note from Luke Evans because his on-the-go look is on-the-mark. He keeps himself feeling relaxed and free in jeans, sneaks and white v-neck, but adds a little flair to the mix with his leather jacket and weekender bag.

Landing in at number two is fashionisto and singer Pharrell. Whether he’s wearing shorts on the red carpet or sporting an oversized Arby’s-esque hat, this guy knows how to create an outfit with a statement — and this ensemble is no exception.  His jeans, button-down and blazer combo is nothing to get too excited over, but to keep the cameras flashing (and to protect his eyes from said flashes) he dons a pair of bold round Chanel sunglasses that add the pop the superstar needs for a noteworthy look.

This week — despite wearing a pair of giant snow boots  — Jared Leto took our number one spot while attending the Lanvin Fall 2015 runway show. While everyone else was checking out Kim Kardashian’s latest mane change (we plead the fifth on that situation), we were diverting our attention to Jared. The singer, known for taking risks on and off the red carpet, shows up in a fifty-shades-of-black suit with equally dark winter jacket, but makes the outfit stand out with a silver body chain across his waist — that’s right ladies, the men have stolen another trend form you. His statement jewelry and well-tailored ensemble tallies up enough points in our book for first place (though the jury is still deliberating on his platinum blonde cut-and-dye).

Do you think Jared Leto deserved this week’s top spot? Or do you think that he needs to hang up his boots? Sound off in the comments section below!

— John Soper