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Palm Tree Prints: Use Them Or Lose Them

palm tree prints on preston konrad

street style menswear for summer

mens printed shirts on preston konrad

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mens summer haircuts on preston konradThe arrival of steamy August days always gets us a bit jammed up. The temps are hotter than they have been all Summer, yet in the fashion world (and in most of the stores), Fall is already here. We’re not jumping the gun and opting for anything too heavy, but it is time to slowly start thinking about retiring certain pieces of the wardrobe until next Summer. The palm print shirt is one of those pieces. We would say you have a good two weeks left to crank out the playful palm print looks and then it’s time to swap them out for micro prints and cooler tones (while staying weather appropriate). If you’re going to give your palms and florals a few more runs, opt for a distressed jean and classic skate slip-on to keep the look more West coast and less Robin Williams circa ‘The Birdcage’.

(As it’s really time to start winding down the wacky prints, this shirt has gone on sale and is no longer available…similar and final remaining affordable ones below!)


You Need Now: The Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt Spring 2016 Men

This Spring, designers looked to crazy prints and patterns to update menswear staples like mens polos, short sleeve shirts, and bomber jackets. Per usual, the trend has made its way down to the high street and we’ve rounded up some of the best printed shirts that will give you a bang for your buck. Ranging from oversized florals to palm trees, to micro-prints…a little pattern in your shirt will instantly update your Spring/Summer look. To keep things classic, we say pair it back to something classic and simple like a slim chino, white jean, or ankle-length suit pant. As for footwear – we suggest pairing it back to a clean white sneaker, a simple sandal, or a chic espadrille.