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Spring (& Sport) Ready With Finish Line

Ultraboost by Adidas: Spring & Sport Ready Via Finish Line 

Spring is my absolute favorite season to buy and style new sneakers. Gone are the slushy, salty days of winter and here are the endless opportunities to up your street style game with a fresh pair of kicks. I’ve recently become obsessed with Adidas Ultraboost, and little did I know they were some of the most coveted sneakers on the market! If you follow me on instagram you know I love the hunt, but when it comes to shoes – the easier the better.

Finish Line has come through with an insane selection of Adidas Ultraboost for Spring 19 and needless to say I jumped on it ASAP. I opted for this pair grounded in white / cream with little hits of pink (did I mention the hottest accent color of the Spring season?) To give myself tons of styling options.

For this shoot, I paired them back to a classic pair of Adidas track pants, a clean spring white hoodie, and an easy black lightweight jacket – but these would look insane with anything form your favorite pair of jeans to a slim suit or dress pant.

What’s great about the Ultraboost is that it’s not just a cool, ‘of-the-moment’ shoe to pair with a great outfit, but is honestly one of the most comfortable shoes to wear when running or training at the gym. I smell sneaker success! You guys can head over to to checkout the full selection, and as always have linked the look below.


Transitioning to Fall: Denim & Mustard Tone...

Nodding To Fall With Denim & Color

While the temps may be steamy here in New York, my mind is racing with thoughts of chunky sweaters & chelsea boots for Fall. Until then, it’s time to start nodding to Fall with great denim & autumn-trend tones even while it’s still warm out there. For denim, it’s all about a vintage, 90’s style wash like these skinnies from Abercrombie. Not only is the wash perfectly aged, but the fit is insane and contain just the right amount of stretch. For shirting, opt for classic oxford-cloth shirts in Fall-ready colors, one of the biggest trends of the season being mustard. This one from Abercrombie is perfectly washed with a killer fit. Throw a varsity-inspired sweater around your waist or shoulders for a little hint at layering (you can always throw in your bag when the temps rise throughout the day).


The Ugly Sneaker Trend

Wearing Ugly / Dad / 90’s / Chunky Sneakers Is A Thing

If you follow me on Instagram, it will be no surprise to you that I am not a fan of the ugly sneaker trend that is currently taking over social media and the fashion industry as a whole. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived through this style moment during it’s incarnation in the 90’s (high school flashbacks anyone?) or maybe it’s because of the wild prices, but either way I can not justify playing with this whole ugly moment. As I’ve written to many of you, my whole theory on personal style is that it is just that, very personal. I hate seeing friends cave to trends and waste money in the process. Of course I support buying things that make you happy, but I’d much rather you guys invest in classics like a gorgeous chelsea boot, Gucci loafers (backless or classic), a killer Prada brogue, or handsome wingtips that you’ll have for a decade. That being said, I’ve been getting tons of messages on Instagram saying that you’d like to give this wacky-ass trend a shot and I figured if you are going to pull the trigger, I’d save your bank account a few bucks and save you a bit of embarrassment (cue looking back at your feed in 2020 wondering what the hell was I thinking?!) I’ve scoured the web and landed on 15 pairs of chunky sneakers that are under $200 and won’t have you looking like an extra in a bad Saved By The Bell episode. As always, feel free to drop me a comment or a DM on Instagram…happy shopping! x -Preston


Preston’s Picks: December 2017

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Video Edition

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, I wanted to share a few things that I can’t live without these days! Included in this roundup are the facial products I’ve been using (yes for all of you sending me DMs on Instagram!) Let me know what you guys think about this video series, planning on doing more of these. Watch away!


Camo Puffer: Holiday Gifting Approved

Camo is back and it’s back in a big way. While a camo pant is always a trusty staple to have in your closet, it’s time to branch out and take the print further. I teamed up with G-Star to style some of my favorite pieces available at Bloomingdale’s for the Holidays (they have a super killer buy of G-Star right now), starring this crazy cool camo down jacket (did someone say PERFECT Christmas gift?!) When styling this bad boy, consider the camo print as a cool, dark, neutral. I paired back to this awesome stretch skinny jeans and embroidered sweatshirt (both from G-Star as well) to make the look cool and sporty, perfect for your Winter weekend warrior status. Happy gifting & styling 🙂


The Camel Coat: Your Best Friend For Layering

preston konrad in camel coat

cool camel coat and watch

winter style for men

mens street style camel coat

white sneakers for men

A killer camel coat is one of the best pieces you can invest in during the Winter months. If you don’t have one in your closet already…shame on you (keep reading, I’ll hook you up in a few seconds). What I consider to be a closet staple, the trusty camel coat is not only extremely versatile, but chic enough to give any outfit an insta-worthy style upgrade. Thrown over a slim down puffer vest & plaid shirt, your camel coat will give your look an instant slim, GQ vibe while keeping out the chill (I’m trying to get you guys to move away from the bulky puffer jackets here if you can’t tell). This bad boy pictured above (purchased 2 years go) is an MAJOR sale right now at Club Monaco…under $300 and additional sale on top of that I believe.


End Of Summer Style: Embrace The Jogger Pant

End Of Summer style by Preston Konrad

street style jogger pants for fall

mens joggers new york city

adidas shoes for guys by preston konrad


Labor Day has come and gone and although we’re not putting away our white jeans anytime soon (that rule is BS if you didn’t read our last post btw…) we are starting to tuck our shorts further back into the closet. With our favorite fall denim being a bit too heavy to wear everyday, we’re opting to lighter options like thin trop wool suiting pants or elevated joggers like these by Club Monaco (which are marked down from $130 to $70-something bucks!). They literally feel like Nike sweats yet have the look of a polished, pintuck suiting pant. Pair them back to a crisp denim button down and cool sneaker for an elevated and perfect transition to Fall look.


The Knit Polo: Your End Of Summer Staple

knit polo on preston konrad

preston konrad street style polo shirt

mens white sneakers trendy

polo shirt style fall on preston konrad

summer to fall transitional style by preston konrad

The knit polo shirt is getting through this tricky time for getting dresses. It’s too hot to jump into the Fall trends just yet, however it just feels wrong to keep pushing the floral shirts and seersucker shorts. Our solution is to stick with classic items in darker colors (think maroon, navy, charcoal, olive, etc). One item thats had a major comeback this year is the knit polo. This 1960’s staple is back with a vengeance and is going to keep you sweat-free for the remainder of Summer and layer perfectly under your fall jackets come September/October. Keep your eye out for a knit polo constructed with a silk blend…this subtle touch of silk will keep things comfortable while looking a bit more polished when paired back to a suit pant or slim dress trouser.


Palm Tree Prints: Use Them Or Lose Them

palm tree prints on preston konrad

street style menswear for summer

mens printed shirts on preston konrad

mens skinny jeans blogger style

mens summer haircuts on preston konradThe arrival of steamy August days always gets us a bit jammed up. The temps are hotter than they have been all Summer, yet in the fashion world (and in most of the stores), Fall is already here. We’re not jumping the gun and opting for anything too heavy, but it is time to slowly start thinking about retiring certain pieces of the wardrobe until next Summer. The palm print shirt is one of those pieces. We would say you have a good two weeks left to crank out the playful palm print looks and then it’s time to swap them out for micro prints and cooler tones (while staying weather appropriate). If you’re going to give your palms and florals a few more runs, opt for a distressed jean and classic skate slip-on to keep the look more West coast and less Robin Williams circa ‘The Birdcage’.

(As it’s really time to start winding down the wacky prints, this shirt has gone on sale and is no longer available…similar and final remaining affordable ones below!)


Short Sleeve Shirts You Need (without palm trees...

Preston Konrad in short sleeve shirtsAs the steamy days of July roll on, we’re getting less and less enthusiastic about our Summer wardrobe. Maybe if we were lucky enough to head to the beach every weekend we may feel a bit more excited about whacky tropical prints and palm tree patterns. As we dream of cooler temps (even 80 degrees will do) for now, we’re keeping things a bit more muted with short sleeve shirts in dark hues, small poppy prints, and classic patterns. We’ve rounded some of them up for you, after the jump: