The 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Jeans


Whether it’s dark wash or destroyed, skinny or boot-cut, every guy has his favorite pair of jeans. (or if you’re like us…way too many favorites).

As we pretty much live in our days in denim, we’re constantly slammed with questions from readers about jeans, realizing that most people don’t know enough about what they’re slipping into.

To gain a little insight on one of our favorite staples, we hunted down the most interesting, historical and downright weird facts on your boys in blue.


Jeans was originally called ‘Waist Overalls.’ Yes, you read that correctly. Waist overalls.

Wash denim as little as possible. Over-washing your jeans can harm and wear them out faster. Instead of throwing your pair in the wash: inside them out, spray some febreeze and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. The cold will kill all the bacteria and leave you feeling fresh.A New York boutique, Limbo, was the first retailer to wash jeans. You can thank Owner Marty Freedman for the range of hues today’s denim yields. He decided to send a pair out for cleaning to which they returned with a used, worn effect. The rest is history.

Jeans were banned in the 1950s. During this time, you were not allowed to wear you favorite pair of to restaurants, the movies or school. Give us liberty or give us denim!

The first jeans came in only two styles. The only colors available were indigo blue and brown cotton ‘duck.’ With the vast array we have today, it’s hard to imagine only having the choice between two options.

On average, every american owns seven pairs of jeans. We’re just going to assume that we are overachievers since we own well over this number.

Denim was first colored indigo to hide dirt. Maybe there’s a reason we love our dark wash so much — it hides all the grime and smudges we collect throughout the day.