Wingtip Loves: Lightning Bolt USA (plus a discount code for YOU)

Nothing makes us long for the shores of the Pacific like a good dose of Polar Vortex (in November) here in Manhattan. We’re turning to cozy crew necks as layering staples, and couldn’t be more obsessed with the inherently warm West coast vibes of the Lightning Bolt USA ‘Aloha’ crew. 


Whats the story?

A heritage surf brand born on the beaches of Hawaii, Lightning Bolt’s site mentions: “Rumors swirl about the origin of the Lighting Bolt logo. Some say the bolt was a graphic metaphor for a particularly strong strain of marijuana circulating the Hawaiian islands in the late 1960’s” Thats pretty damn sexy.

Company co-founder Gerry Lopez throws in, “it was all about the energy”. We like it…and we also like the rest of the amazing product.

CLICK HERE to Grab yours now, and enter promo code WINGTIP20 at checkout for a killer discount.

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