Wingtip Obsession: The Q Bracelet


And if you’re still trying to find the perfect gift for that special gal in time for the holidays, she’ll love this design as well. According to James Kernan, CEO of Q Designs, the bracelet is equally as popular in sales with women as it is with men.
Our favorite feature about our new find, you ask?

“We named our company Q Designs because we were inspired by the accessories that Q from James Bond created,” said Kernan. “If you think of it, those accessories are the prefect example of the intersection of design, style and cutting edge technology.”

So not only will you own a fashion-forward charger, but you can also fulfill that childhood dream of being a super-suave British spy. “The name’s Bond, James Bond.”


You know the drill: You’re running around to meetings all day, answering emails and texts, obsessively checking instagram, and before you know it (and 2 Ubers later), you have to rush off to an appointment across town. That’s when all hell breaks loose, that horrifying notification indicating that you only have 10% battery left shows up – NO, not now, NO.  #iPhoneProblems

Obviously you’re nowhere near an outlet and who knows what happened to that portable charger you bought last month. Never fear. The style experts at WTJ have discovered our new favorite wearable technology piece that will make dying-phone anxiety a thing of the past.

Startup company Q Designs has come up with a sleek, lightweight bracelet that not only looks fashionable, but will also give your phone at 60% battery boost – a.k.a. you’ll never loose your portable charger again because you’ll be wearing it.

The Q Bracelet has the Apple lightning connector (don’t worry non-Apple users, micro USB hubs are on the way) and charges your phone in the same amount of time as a normal outlet. The design comes in four finishes: matte black, polished silver, matte silver and polished gold.




To pre-order the Q Bracelet at a discounted price and learn more about the product, click here.
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— John Soper

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